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Case Study: Shopblocks


Founded in 2010 and now with 40 employees on the team, Stockport-based Shopblocks is an ecommerce and website platform ready to help small businesses in the UK thrive online.

What inspired you to start your business?

“Our CEO Kevin Jones was running a digital agency in Manchester and was sick of having to work with expensive developers every time he wanted to make a simple change to a client’s website. He believed there had to be a better way to design and maintain websites and online shops. In addition, we recognised that increasing online shopping was impacting the high street, and we wanted to offer SMEs a genuine chance to compete within their budget.”

What products or services do you offer?

“We’re a website/ecommerce platform — we provide everything you need to launch a modern, online presence for your business/community group. We don’t believe in templates, so every site is unique, allowing brands to truly express themselves online. We’re also fanatical about support. We recognise that 99% of people aren’t digital experts; they are experts in their own field. So we’re here to help them as often as they need help and advice. All included in their subscription.”

What sorts of customers do you have?

“We have a real range of customers, from solo entrepreneurs, right the way up to enterprise clients transacting millions of sales every day, and everything in between. We can (and have) provided services for pretty much every industry.”

Did you know about Help to Grow: Digital before hearing about the Sign for Small Coalition and campaign?

“Yes — we had applied in the first round of Help to Grow however were denied due to not having enough online reviews on the two specific review platforms required. As it stands, Trustpilot, the review site used most widely by many smaller firms for reviews, is not accepted. Instead, the scheme requires reviews through G2 or Capterra, sites that are conventionally only used by larger companies.”

As part of Sign for Small’s campaigning, we want to ensure that the UK’s most innovative startups are able to offer their products and services through the Government’s Help to Grow: Digital Scheme. This includes Shopblocks, and we are working to ensure that eligibility criteria for vendors reflect the realities of how these firms operate, as well as campaigning for the tools available to expand to cover more of the software that modern businesses need.

Would you like to support our campaign to expand Help to Grow: Digital and help small businesses in the UK realise the potential of digital tools? Get involved today:



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