open letter

Right now, the scheme only supports small businesses with 5-249 employees and only offers vouchers for three types of programs. This means over 750,000 small businesses will not be supported under the scheme.

To help the scheme maximize its potential and impact, we are calling for the scheme to expand in the following two ways:

  1. Include small businesses with 2-5 employeessupporting small businesses by giving them a productivity boost through access to subsidized software.
  2. Broaden the range of software covered under the scheme, offering small businesses a broader variety of tools they need to grow. 

The bottom line is we need better support to better our small businesses – and one small sign can lead to one large victory. We must think big by starting with our small businesses. The Government must be bold in its efforts to act now. Sign the petition to expand Help to Grow: Digital to help UK productivity and innovation soar.